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99 percent wasted talent

Welcome tumblr family. Ok a little about myself my name is Victor and I am a full time student attending Seminole State College and taking classes the University of Central Florida (UCF). This is my tumblr blog on the occupy movement that has influenced me a great deal. So in my attempt at helping the cause I was volunteering and going to rallies. It wasn’t enough and I wanted to help out more so I am starting a project called 99percent wasted talent. I am going help spread the world of the movement because even though we appear on the news there are a lot of people who really have no idea what the movement is about. At the same time I want help out the smaller occupy groups get bigger and the bigger groups even bigger.  I will post on here current articles about the movement, pictures, and how 99percent waste talent is going. I am not going go into detail about it yet I do not have it all finalized. That is all for right now. You can follow my personal tumblr where I just post random things that I find interesting ohgeezvick.tumblr.com .Thanks reading the bio follow back if you interested in the movement. Fight on!

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